Fortnite on mobile devices was a huge part of the game’s community for a while. The answer to how to get Fortnite on iPhone used to be simple, just download it! Things have changed though.

Fortnite has been missing from the app store for quite a while generateur de v bucks sans verification humaine now. With streaming services and Epic hinting at a return though, the situation for Fortnite on iPhone might be looking up.

Fortnite iphone


Fortnite on mobile devices had full tournaments, its own dedicated community, Fortnite ranking system, the whole nine yards. Then Epic decided to take on Apple.

Apple charges a cut of all in-app purchases. If you make a subscription to a service through an app from their store or in-app purchase, they get a percentage. This generateur de v bucks sans verification humaine applied to in-app purchases in Fortnite too, and Epic decided they didn’t want to pay anymore. Fortnite vanished from the Apple store, there was then a tournament and free skin to commemorate it, and a lot of lawsuits.

For a long time, it looked like that was the end but things changed. Between changes to how mobile phone stores are regulated and Xbox stepping in, there are new ways for how to play Fortnite on iPhone.


Epic might not be offering a mobile version of Fortnite on the platform, but you can still play. Xbox Cloud Gaming lets you play the Xbox version of games on your iPhone. You can play Fortnite Xbox Cloud Gaming. It’s even free.

This system is a fun workaround. Your phone isn’t actually running Fortnite though, it’s streaming from Xbox’s own servers. A nice workaround that’s helped to keep Fortnite accessible.


If you’re wondering how to get Fortnite on iPhone without streaming, you currently can’t. However, it might not be this way forever. While not all Fortnite seasons have had a mobile version, we might be getting it back soon.

Even without an end in sight to Fortnite and Apple’s legal battles, it seems other rules changes may force their hand. The European Union has recently begun to work through legislation that would force Apple to allow third-party storefronts through sideloading. This would solve Epic’s problem with Apple and open the door to a return.

This would open things back up. We could once again see a dedicated iPhone version of the game. That includes tournaments, and the best Fortnite players once again having to address the iPad running at 120 fps vs an old iPhone problem!

Epic’s CEO has even hinted at a return.

While how to get Fortnite on iPhone right now is quite difficult, it might get easier soon. It remains to be seen if other regions will follow along with the rule changes that generateur de v bucks sans verification humaine would allow Fortnite to come back though. Apple could stubbornly only allow it in Europe. Although, once back in one region the door is open to workarounds for everyone that could see the official Fortnite back available.