Fortnite is nowhere near starved of various crossovers that bring different characters for players to use in the game. This goes for just about any generateur de v bucks sans verification humaine medium there is out there, from comic books, and movies, all the way to the fictional worlds of anime and manga. In fact, My Hero Academia is one of Fortnite’s most recent anime crossovers to date.

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This crossover not only brought in Deku One For All power as a mythic item in the game, but it also added All Might, Uraraka, Bakugo, and Deku as outfits that could be purchased by fans. Though the main characters of My Hero Academiawere featured in this crossover, there are other fan-favorite characters that fans would like to see included.

10One For All

All for one

The Fortnite crossover with the world-famous anime My Hero Academia included four purchasable outfits for players to use while playing the game, but all of these outfits are heroes from the anime. If there were to ever be a second crossover with the franchise, then One For All could be a perfect addition to the roster of My Hero Academia characters in Fortnite.

This would give All Might a canonical rival in the game and could fit well in the game’s battle royale. The developers could be creative with harvesting tools and gliders for One For All too!



Not only would One For All be an amazing addition to anime crossover outfits in Fortnite, but Shigaraki would be one of the best My Hero Academia generateur de v bucks sans verification humaine outfits in Fortnite. A Shigaraki skin in Fortnite could be a great start for My Hero Academia villains being included in the game, and Shigaraki is essentially Deku’s villainous half.

Shigaraki has some creative character design, so there’s no telling what back-blings, harvesting tools, gliders, and even weapon skins that Shigaraki could have included in his set.


My Hero Academia Eijiro Kirishima

Bakugo is practically the Sasuke to Naruto in terms of his and Deku’s relationship. With that in mind, the character somewhat fails in having many friends. That makes his and Kirishima’s relationship all the more spectacular, as Kirishima has always had Bakugo’s back.

Including Kirishima in the next My Hero Academia generateur de v bucks sans verification humaine crossover with Fortnite could prove epic as players could match their outfits with other My Hero Academia outfits, especially with Bakugo to form the amazing “Bakusquad!”

7Tenya Iida

Headshot Of Tenya Ida From My Hero Academia

Tenya Iida has been one of the more important characters in the My Hero Academia story. Tenya’s character also has some of the most in-depth progression that stood off from the main characters of the show.

In fact, Tenya showed the audience the true political world of the majority of society withholding powers, as Stain’s ideals were imbedded into fans’ minds after Tenya’s fight with the villain. Adding Tenya Iida as an outfit in Fortnite would make it so that fans could team up as Uraraka, Deku, and Tenya; their signature friend group!


The Fight With High-End Left Scars On Endeavor

Ever since Endeavor has taken a hold of the main star within the pro-hero aspects of My Hero Academia, the character has warmed up the hearts of many fans as he attempts to redeem himself from his controversial past.

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With how popular the pro-hero has become, it would make complete sense for Fortnite to add the character to their item shop as part of another crossover event generateur de v bucks sans verification humaine with My Hero Academia. Not only would Endeavor’s outfit be one of the coolest, but it would be one of the best anime skins in Fortnite.


Shoto Todoroki

Fortnite included three of the most popular (and more storyline-centered) students from My Hero Academia as part of their crossover with the anime. This would be Deku, Bakugo, and Uraraka.

Unfortunately for many fans of My Hero Academia and Fortnite, a star student from the anime wouldn’t make the initial cut. Shoto Todoroki, son of Endeavor, is one of the most popular characters in the entire anime, and one of the strongest, but Fortnite has yet to include him.

4Dark Deku